French Foreign Legion — First Batch

In lieu of a longer post, I just wanted to get up some pics of the first batch of French Foreign legionaires. This figures are Artizan and like most of their stuff I’ve painted they’re not bad sculpts, but the casting is a bit dodgy. Lost of flashing left, and the faces tend to be uneven, which doesn’t do me any favors.


I finished them a couple of weeks ago and since then I’ve been out to Cold Wars where I played in the WAB tournament with the┬áBurgundian Ordonnance army which took me most of last year to paint. I’m going to try to photograph them this weekend and get them up here soon. Here’s pic of them on the table at the convention and a pic of Igors heavy Byzantine cavalry that I faced off against.


In the meantime I’ve painted a few miscellaneous 40k figures just for fun, and have started a new batch of legionaires, this time by Unfeasibly. I’m currently in LA on a 5 day business trip and for the first time I actually brought along a paint set and some figures to work on in my hotel.



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